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      • One kit serves one (1) child
      • Kits are geared towards Grades K-5
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Going Buggy

Don’t let this summer “bug” you! This week you will be buzzing about all of the fun crafts and activities in your Garden on The Go kit. “Swarm” the website and order yours today before we sell out. 

Day 1: Buggy Basics 

Head, thorax, abdomen, six legs, compound eyes, and an antenna makes an INSECT. See what it is like to have bug vision and antennas as you make yourself into an insect- experience how these bugs move while playing a game. 

Day 2: Crawlers

Don’t forget to look down and under rocks and logs to find insects. Ants can ruin a picnic, but what foods do they like the best? Do an ant experiment while making an ant buddy. Since some insects are underfoot and small, they need to have adaptations to help them survive. Make a “super” beetle magnet. 

Day 3: Flyers 

Some of the most known insects are the flyers. Ladybugs, Butterflies, lightning bugs, oh my! 

Have fun creating a glowing lightning bug friend and flap along with your own butterfly ring and flapper. Don’t fly off before trying your ”hand” at a lucky ladybug craft. 

Day 4: Insect Choir 

It's summer, and we hear the beautiful sounds of an Insect Choir. Create your own chirping cricket and buzzing bee flapper. 

Day 5: Inviting Insects 

There are so many insects that are beneficial to have a healthy garden. Create your own “bug hotel” to have those six-legged guests check in to your garden. Plant a flower to attract pollinators to your yard. Set a friendly trap to be able to watch moths at night.


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