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Throughout the school year, Memphis Botanic Garden offers your students a chance to learn in a fun festival setting. All programs are correlated to state learning standards. Activities take place on the Garden grounds, and groups can participate at their own pace. We can accommodate a limited amount of students each day, so make your reservations early!

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Teachers are free; chaperones $5 each.

These programs do not include admission to My Big Backyard.

Big Bugs at the Garden

September 18 – December 31

Self Guided Tours $5;  Guided Tours - $6; Incredible Insects Class - $6

Scholarships available. Call for availability.

Nature’s Candy Store

Available throughout the month of February

Take your students on a “sweet” field trip! Did you know that every piece of candy comes from plants? From tree sap to bark, and even seaweed, we’ll explore the plant origins of some of their favorite treats! 90 minute seasonal program. Grades 2-6. $6 per student

90 minute seasonal program.
Grades 2-6. $6 per student.

Eco Trek

Our Garden trail guides will outfit your explorers with an observation journal and take them on an Eco-Trek! On your adventure, students will participate activities that help understand the delicate balance of different local ecosystems. Examine why wetlands are wonderful, journey into the meadow web of life, and explore the cycles of the forest.

September 19-22, 10:00-12:00.

Grades 3-6. $6 per student.

Rain dates September 25-26.

Incredible Insects: featuring David Rogers’ Big Bugs

What student wouldn’t be amazed by a 25 foot long ant or an 18 foot tall praying mantis? Explore the Garden as you go on this Big Bug hunt where your students will discover why these crawlies are not so creepy after all! Buzz and flutter your way through educational crafts and activities designed to meet science standards. Stay afterwards and picnic with the ants! 

October 2-6 & 9-13, 10:00-12:00.
Grades 2-6. $6 per student.

Rain date October 16.

Limited scholarships available. Call for availability. 

Harvest Festival
Sponsored by Sedgwick

Treat your class to some old fashioned fun in the Garden. Make some traditional harvest crafts including cider making, pumpkin painting and corn husk flowers. Discovery stations teach fun facts about fruits and vegetables, honey making, and seed dispersal. Students will enjoy some harvest fun while jumping in a haystack and picnicking with some old time pickin’ and grinnin’!

October 17-20 & 23-27 & 30-31
Grades K-4. $6 per student.

Rain dates November 1-2

Fall Colors: Trees of Tennessee 

Available throughout the month of November.

Visit the Garden when the trees are at their peak of fall color. Students will learn what makes the beautiful colors, “build’ a tree, go on a scavenger hunt and plant a native tree seed to take home.

Grades 2-6. $6 per student

Holidays Around the World

Available throughout the month of December.

Learn how children all over the world celebrate the holiday season. Experience Posada, Hanukkah, and Diwali by making pinatas, diya, and dreildels. 90 minute seasonal program.

Grades K-4. $6 per student.

Spring Festival of Flowers
Sponsored by Sedgwick

Students will enjoy the Garden in FULL BLOOM at this festival! Stations throughout the Garden will feature hands on activities and discovery stations. Become a part of the Amazing Flower Story, Pollination Puppet Show, and Butterfly Life Cycle play. Each student will plant a spring blooming flower and learn what each of its parts do! Stay after for a Spring Picnic in the Garden!

April 3-6. 10:00-12:00. 

Grades K-2. $6 per student.

Rain dates April 9-10.



See what hatches from eggs in Spring besides baby chicks. A garden tour focuses on all kinds of animals that lay eggs, from insects to amphibians. Students observe a variety of bird eggs, from hummingbird to ostrich, and even taste fish eggs! As a special spring treat they’ll color eggs using natural plant dyes, and “plant” a basket. 90 minute seasonal program.

March 19-30.

Grades K-4. $6 per student.

Rain date April 2.

World of Plants: An International Children’s Festival
Sponsored by Macy’s

Take your students on a trip around the world without ever leaving Memphis! Students “travel” to Africa, Asia, India, Europe, and the Americas where they will learn how different cultures use plants in their daily lives. Hands on crafts including

African tribal masks, Vietnamese Non’ la hats, and Indian Rangoli showcase each areas unique use of local plants. Students will get a real “taste” of their travels at each station. After your worldwide trip, enjoy live entertainment from Ekpe’s International Music! During this program foreign language, geography, history and plant science are all accentuated. Teachers can access an online guide that introduces students to the celebrated countries and activities.

April 24-27 & April 30-May 4 9:30-12:30

Grades 2-6.  $6 per student.

Rain dates May 7-8.





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