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Squirrel Aid or Lemonade?

The screeching of nails on metal is what got me.  For over a week there had been stories of a squirrel living above our Lemonade Stand in the Guest House.  There were some initial signs of it.  Of course the leaves littering the floor of the kitchen could be explained by many things when it comes to our Education Department…a new leaf craft for Caterpillar Club…a compost activity over Spring Break Camp.  Next came the reports of little bright eyes peering through the cracks.  I know our staff has been crazy busy preparing for spring programs and exhibits, but I don’t think it’s gotten to the point of hallucinations.  And then I get a frantic call from Kristen last Friday who was straightening up for a weekend birthday party.  She said that she could hear its little nails scratching the top of the metal roll down door as it scurried back and forth, so I knew it was time to take action.  I decided to call Stan, our Facilities Manager and “Jack-of-all-trades”.  Surely squirrel eradication is something he’d be capable of...after all, he helped us with a recent wasp invasion.  He went out to investigate and found no one home.  Mama squirrel must have been out running errands around My Big Backyard.  So he bravely reached in the gap above the door space and pulled out all of the nesting materials.  Since then it’s been very quiet.  I guess the family has decided to relocate.   It makes me a little bit sad though.  We work so hard through our school field trips, summer camps and other programming to educate children about the Web of Life and how every creature has its place in the ecological flow of energy and materials.  It seems like our squirrel eviction goes against our mission as teacher/naturalists.  Hmmm…maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if our friend decided to return.  Squirrels don’t drink much lemonade…do they?
Posted by Mary Helen Butler at 3:31 PM


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