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Why Winter is Cooler Than You Think

If you look with a little perspective, you'll find a heart-shaped puddle melting from our recent snow in the picture on the left.  It certainly represents my feelings about snow and ice. This is one of my favorite times to walk outdoors.  This might be your only chance all year.  Check out your neighborhood or head over to the Garden tomorrow to make your own discoveries.

Here's a glance at what I found outside in just thirty minutes:  

As soon as I step onto the softening ice, I hear it buckle and crack and pool, but the ice was thick enough to stay whole under my pressure.  The sound made me feel like I was walking across a still, icy pond.

I followed some tracks through the Herb Garden.  Likely those of the resident feline.  In this garden I thought I heard a hawk calling, but on my way out I found the source was really a blue jay making itself sound a lot bigger.

Out toward the Wildflower Woodland, I heard crashes and booms from the back of the Jim Duncan Stage.  There I saw huge chunks of snow and icicles melting apart from the warmth of the sun and falling from the cover onto some metal panels behind the stage.

Heading into the Woodland, I noticed three perfectly placed spots in the melting ice sheet.  I may have placed a few sticks for fun, but what does it look like to you?

Crunching up the snowy, drippy paths to the Camellia beds just past the Hyde and Seek Prehistoric Plant Trail, I spotted the shy beginnings of these late winter bloomers.  Icicles hung from the flowers like tinsel.  Another tree nearby looked like it was a chandelier of crystal and greenery.

Finally, I headed toward the south-facing slope over the ridge, near the Stokes Butterfly Garden.  I knew a few weeks ago some daffodils that get morning sun had been blooming.  Here I found them, but not in their perky "it's almost spring!" look.  Rather, it looked as if they were saying "it's inclement weather y'all; we're going back to bed."
Posted by Charity Siebert at 12:39 PM


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