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To Rejuvenate Existing Beds: Apply a complete organic fertilizer such as Holly Tone or Plant Tone at a rate of 5 pounds per 100 square feet to all existing beds, then cover with 1-2” of Botanic Garden mix*, being careful not to cover the crowns of perennials. If you removed any leaves from the beds, run over them with a lawn mower or shred them with a leaf shredder and use them as mulch. Water the bed well to settle the soil and apply 1 inch of your preferred mulch.

To Create New Beds: Use a garden hose to lay out your bed.  Curves and flowing shapes are easy to visualize this way and add interest to your garden. Once you’re happy with the shape, remove any existing sod using a sharp spade or a sod cutter.  Add 4-6” of Botanic Garden Pro Mix*, apply a complete organic fertilizer such as Holly Tone or Plant Tone at a rate of 10 pounds per 100 square feet, and till it in thoroughly. Rake the bed smooth and water well to settle the soil. Allow the new bed to settle for a week or two before planting. Apply 1 inch of your preferred mulch after planting.

* The Yard, located at 1735 Thomas Rd, Memphis, TN, 38134—Phone 833-9273,  is selling two types of our Botanic Garden Mix that we use routinely at the Garden.

One is formulated for rejuvenating existing beds and new plantings. Another is one formulated for beds under existing trees. Both mixes are $27 per cubic yard plus delivery fee. The Garden receives a percentage of each sale.

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