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Smoky Mountain Sunrise // Lyn Kyle // Landscape Photography in Fratelli's Cafe Gallery

About The Show:

" "Smoky Mountain Sunrise" is a collection of photos taken at sunrise in both spring and fall in The Great Smoky Mountains. To me, there is no place more beautiful than the Smoky Mountains. Add a little fog at sunrise and it is just breath-taking. The one lane roads swallowed in fog draw me in making me want to see what lies beyond. The fog hangs like a blanket over the trees and meadows. It is simply a beautiful sight to see." - LYN KYLE

Artist Interview:

MBG: Lyn, you confess that your method consists of shooting what you see and hope it looks as pretty through the lens as you see it with the naked eye. You mention that the trees themselves-their branches, fence lines and roads drive your composition leading you by the hand, showing you what to photograph. As a viewer, I admit these strong lines, ever present in your images, invite the viewer to see what you see and to contemplate the possibility of a story. Would you rather not think too much about the outcome of an image or just strive to record the beauty of your favorite places? 

LYN KYLE: I do think about the outcome of my photos when I frame them, hoping for the best possible result. I am very fortunate that my favorite places are so stunningly beautiful that it is really hard to not get a pretty picture. It may not always be exactly what I was hoping for, but that is okay.

MBG: All of your images are consistent in lighting and mood, so you must be doing something on purpose (?), or is it all a coincidence of automatic settings on your camera? 

LYN KYLE: Yes, there is purpose. I love taking pictures at sunrise, especially on foggy mornings. There is something about the way the light moves through the fog that intrigues me. I am getting "brave" and experimenting with the camera settings to adjust the amount of light that is displayed. Some times the automatic settings are good and other times I like to play with settings and see what I get on my own. 

MBG: Lastly, I'd love to hear how this process of printing and preparing your first show for public viewing is shaping you as a photographer. Will you continue with your current process or do you have new ideas brewing?

LYN KYLE: I have to admit that this process has been overwhelming at times. I find it hard to imagine that my photographs are going to be in a public display. I have had many compliments on my pictures for the last few years but didn't give it much thought. Then a professional photographer saw some of my pictures and told me I should sell them. It seems like things snowballed from there. Now I find myself wanting, even more than before, to be hiking in the Smoky Mountains with a camera around my neck waiting to see what lies around the next bend.

Posted by Stephanie Cosby at 9:13 AM


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