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Daniel Rudolph - Artist/Gardener

Meet Daniel Rudolph. An Incognito artist and avid gardener.
Daniel Rudolph has been gardening longer than he has been painting. “I started gardening when I was 12 years old with my mom,” said Rudolph. And he continues this passion with wife Chari.
Born in Wisconsin, then moving from Florida to Oregon to New Mexico, and now for the past two years in Memphis, the Rudolphs have been organically growing flowers, heirloom vegetables, and more. They have mastered all the geographical challenges from sand in Florida, slugs in Oregon, and water in New Mexico. In fact, when people would  visit the couple in New Mexico in the desert climate, they were amazed by their lush garden.
Their gardening is not conventional. “I am an artist so I didn’t like the idea of rows. I like companion planting. I like how the natural, wild plants go together and do well,” said Rudolph.
In 1989, Daniel began painting. “I didn’t realize I could paint. I have a love of nature and animals and that is what I paint,” he said. And now that he is retired he has more to paint and is happy to participate for the first time in the Garden’s Incognito. He joined a few artists groups when moving to Memphis but the Artists Link is what introduced him to the upcoming Incognito show.
“I love what the Garden represents. Everyone needs to know about our natural environment and how to take care of it. It’s an important for people to see nature and the beauty of it and learn about it. It’s where we live,” said Rudolph.

Incognito! is on display throughout the month, featuring unsigned, anonymous original pieces by nearly 100 local artists. We won't spoil the surprise by telling you which one is Daniel's piece, but see if you can guess! Then join us for the Incognito! Art Auction & Party on Friday, January 27th, meet Daniel and the other talented artists, and find out what nature's inspiration looks like on canvas. 

Tickets are available online here, or by calling 901-636-4131.

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