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Irrigation Anyone?

Behind by 11 inches with the rain.  Need water in the Herb Garden.  Even Mediterranean plants want water! The formal beds are watered by drip irrigation.  Nice - no wet leaves, less mildew, little to no splashback of mud onto leaves bringing disease.  But, I am learning, irrigation lines can clog with trash in the lines (no - I have no idea how trash gets into the water lines! I'll find that out and get back to you!).  The "valves" then may stick in the "on" position and water will continue to drip, even though I have turned the valve into the "off" position.

The solution? Turn the water off to the entire Herb Garden (this happens at a place called the "Gate Valve").  So, the Gate Valve is in this hole that only one of my arms will fit, as I kneel in the arugula and the bees buzz me and I lean on my opposite elbow, and I turn, and turn, and turn the gate valve knob until the water is shut off.  The process is reversed when I need to water some new seedlings.  While I water the items I want to be wet; the stuck "on" valve is allowing my now bog to be boggier - argh!

To fix it, we tried "bleeding" the valve (a small knob that when slightly turned allows the water to push the the trash on past the diaphragm - but don't turn it too far or it will blow the top off into Desoto county!).  Wonder of wonders - it did not work.  The diaphragm is busted so we have to replace the "guts" of the valve.  This picture shows Kyle calling in the part number and Jeff is checking another valve.


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