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"Heart Beat" by Marilyn Trainor Storey and Chris Morrow

Exhibiting this month are an interior design and stylist team. The exhibit is a taste of what they create for events and permanent spaces. They work in many mediums, forms and sizes, illustrating their flexibility. It was a nice coincidence that Memphis In May chose the country Poland and our May artists find inspiration in the Polish art deco artist, Tamara De Lempicka. They channel her color palette and her dramatic flair.

About the Show:

Heart Beat embodies the universality of the human heart and emotions. Utilizing both Memphis and Polish themes and motifs, the artists have painted and designed canvases, furniture, lighting and textiles that express common feelings through color, movement, and flow. Both Memphis’ location in the Mississippi River Delta and traditional Polish folkart have been incorporated.

About Marlilyn Trainor Storey:

With deep roots in the colorful and richly textured Mississippi Delta, Marilyn Trainor Storey is drawn to all that is at once elegant, yet earthy, always with an eye for the unique and authentic. She spent most of her teenage years in Memphis, attending school at Lausanne, but graduating from Jackson Prep in Jackson, Mississippi, before attending college at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. She lived in Charlotte before returning to Mississippi twenty years ago. Today, Marilyn is a designer, writer, and marketer. She has returned to her beloved Delta, where she has studios in both Clarksdale, Mississippi, and Helena, Arkansas. From her Delta base, she is involved in a number of residential and hospitality interior design projects in several states. Her design aesthetic is based upon juxtaposing unlikely elements to create crisp, yet rich, sophisticated, and eclectic interiors that make her clients' hearts sing. Marilyn combines the crusty with the clean and new, the informal with the formal, the trendy with the historic, and the patinaed with the sleekly beautiful. She loves bringing natural outdoor elements inside and indoor elements outside. Clarksdale's Delta Bohemian Guesthouse, which she designed, was recently named as one of the top two places to stay in the Delta by Forbes. Marilyn writes a design blog and freelances for several publications, including Legends magazine. She is very involved in the revitalization of Helena and Clarksdale and was recently named Director of Helena's Advertising and Promotion Commission. Marilyn has combined her love for art and textiles in pieces for this show at the Memphis Botanic Garden.   - MS Design Maven 

About Chris Morrow:

A native of Jackson, Mississippi, Chris Morrow is an artist, designer, and a teacher.  His work is authentic and from the heart. Chris has lived and studied in Jackson. He holds a fine arts degree from Belhaven University. In his first exploration of inspiration from Wassily Kadinsky's theory of color's relationship to music and emotion, Chris created a rendering of a musical design which was chosen to be executed in glass in the art department rotunda at Belhaven. Chris' work in the fine arts is also greatly influenced by Vincent van Gogh and themes from nature. Over ten years ago, Chris began working in the decorative arts field with Marilyn Trainor Storey. He believes that decorative arts and fine arts can be melded to give additional meaning to each work beyond the initial visual aesthetic. Chris has recently relocated to Clarksdale in the Mississippi Delta, where in addition to creating his own art, he teaches art at Coahoma County High School. Chris has combined all of his inspirations to create canvases and lighting for this show at the Memphis Botanic Garden. 

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