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Calling All Coneheads….

What is the tallest living thing in the world?   -a conifer:  Coast Redwood, Sequoia sempervirens, towering nearly 400 feet.
What is the largest living thing?    
-a conifer:  Giant Sequoia, Sequoiadendron gianteum, over 52,000 cubic feet.
What is the world’s oldest living thing?    
-a conifer!  Bristlecone Pine, Pinus longaeva, nearly 5,000 years old.  
Conifers have grown on earth for 225 million years with over 600 known species today. Most conifers have needle or scale-like leaves, usually evergreen. Rather than flowers, their reproductive parts are male pollen cones and female seed cones. Conifers may be groundcovers, shrubs, or trees, and can be found growing in extreme conditions all over the earth from the subarctic to the subtropics.  
The Conifer Collection of the Memphis Botanic Garden, spread throughout the grounds, includes over 100 unique species. Many can be found in the NW corner of the Garden (outside and inside the children’s garden fence).
A silver mailbox a stone’s throw north of the Rose Garden holds conifer maps of the entire grounds. Explore the Japanese and Asian gardens, the Woodland, and the Old Arboretum….Enjoy the treasure hunt!
Coming this summer, we will be breaking ground (south of the silver mailbox) for a new garden of dwarf conifers under the benevolent watch of their tall, stately relatives: Arborvitae, Pines, Spruce, Cedars, and Cypress.
By Linnea West
Posted by Memphis Botanic Garden News at 6:00 AM


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