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Artist's Choice // students of the Fred Rawlinson Atelier in Fratelli's Cafe Gallery


"Artists think and feel in a particular medium. Their special meaning is conceived and expressed in colors, shapes, forms, lines, textures, value and contrast. The task of the observer (appreciator) is to receive the artist’s message in the same terms in which it was conceived.

Why is art generally misunderstood?

The tendency of humans is to translate the meaning of all things into words. To phrase the meaning of art...or music...into words is to fail to recognize its significance. The meaning of art is not literary, but pictorial.

Art must be an expression of deep feeling, or it is nothing.

Artists are free...absolutely their own province...on one condition...absolute sincerity. Artists must seek to express the ideas, sentiments, and emotions proper to themselves, and copy no one.

In this exhibition, an artist statement will be displayed alongside the artwork. This statement will reflect the visual concerns of each artist."

- by, Fred Rawlinson


List of Fred Rawlinson's Atelier artists:

Jim Raines, Donna Bowling, Robin Haraway, Maggie Naylor, Martha Cook, Peggy Peters, Kristie Harrington, Don Harrington, Elaine Patterson, Dodie Bush, Elaine Pritchard, Dianne Dixon, Gary Dixon, Carol Hamm, Laura Austin, Geneva Harvey, Mimi Tomlinson, Kay Paschal, Wanda Winsett, Toni Raush, Diane Carney, Dudley Condron,  Mary Jo Gresko, Barbara Carter, Howard Carman, Allen Portner, Linda Hahn, Jim Austin, John Grider, Mary Spellings, Ann Baxter, Deborah Brasfield, Rose Byrum, Sandra Carpenter, Judy Duke, Judy Franklin, Larry Gilliam, Martha Kirby, Mary McAuslin, Pat Patrick, Tuva Stephens.

ALL WORK FOR SALE -  Feel free to come into Fratelli's Cafe Gallery just to see the art! It's open Monday-Saturday 11:00am-2:00pm. The food is delicious and the prices are great! check out the menu here.


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