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The Memphis 10 // Visitors Center Gallery

ABOUT THE SHOW AND THE ARTISTS The Memphis 10 is a group of talented and diverse women, who, through the love of painting, meet every other month to discuss, critique, and share their artistic endeavors. Approximately twenty years ago, ten local artists started meeting routinely and eventually became The Memphis 10.   Peggy Pollard Felsenthal, Nancy Hunter, Barbara Lieberman, Marty McKee, Betty Peyton, and Virginia Schoenster were among the early members. Betsy Bird and... Read More
Posted by Stephanie Cosby at Monday, February 29, 2016

Artist's Choice // students of the Fred Rawlinson Atelier in Fratelli's Cafe Gallery

ABOUT THE SHOW "Artists  think and feel  in a particular medium. Their  special meaning  is conceived and expressed in colors, shapes, forms, lines, textures, value and contrast. The task of the observer (appreciator) is to receive the artist’s message in the same terms in which it was conceived. Why is art generally misunderstood? The tendency of humans is to translate the meaning of all things into words. To phrase the meaning of art...or music...into... Read More
Posted by Stephanie Cosby at Monday, February 29, 2016

What Nettles You?

  Once upon a time, I read that if you ask permission to gather the nettles, then the nettles will be appeased and will not sting you. Right. I had to cut back the mugwort and the nettles in the area between the old meadow and Eurasia in the Herb Garden. This was to make the area look not so much like a jungle, and allow me the chance to rake up the leaves from the oaks and elm trees. This also allows the plants to look just a little more “refined”. If you were in the garden that... Read More
Posted by sherri mccalla at Friday, February 12, 2016

Frosted color-changing pinecones

Frosted Color-Changing Pine Cones These can be made and be placed on a hearth or in an arrangement before use, as the wax and salts give the pine cones a sparkly, snowy look. When placed in a campfire, the different salt chemicals will burn in different hues, some subdued, others quite bright.  Food should not be cooked over the fire until the salts and wax have burned away. 1. Prepare a pot or use an old crock pot (one that can be dedicated to crafts) to melt wax. We used white... Read More
Posted by Charity Siebert at Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Light And Shadow - Luz y Sombras // Agustin Díaz and Francisco Gonzalez in Visitors Center Gallery

About The Show Life is a duality which is expressed and creates destiny, it is an internal fight between positivity and negativity, between the truth and the absence of it; and it is determined by the search of authenticity or imitation. Light floods everything, revealing a world of shapes and colors, obscurity gives us shadows and the tones that compliment it. “Light and Shadows” are eternal opposites that reach a harmonic equilibrium in the plastic arts that we present to you here.... Read More
Posted by Stephanie Cosby at Monday, February 1, 2016

Perchance 2 // Chere Labbe Doiron in Fratelli's Cafe Gallery

PLEASE NOTE THIS EXHIBIT HAS A CLOSING RECEPTION! About The Show By both chance and intention this group of oil paintings draws subject matter and inspiration from the 1939 paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe,  commissioned by The Dole Company of Hawaii.  The deep divides, presence of water and flowers, represent soul searching dreams and visions, spiritual openings toward personal growth, discovery and autonomy. About The Artist Chère Labbé Doiron is a painter and... Read More
Posted by Stephanie Cosby at Monday, February 1, 2016


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