Board & Officers



Kim MacQueen



David Scully


Steve Beussink



Ryan Butterick


Scott Adams


Past President

P.Z. Horton

Executive Office

Executive Director

Michael Allen

Assistant Director

Mary Helen Butler

Director of Finance

Sue Matthews


Richard Spore

City of Memphis Division of ParkS and Neighborhoods Director

Nick Walker


Gwen Campbell
Diane Chambliss
Jennifer Coltharp
Judy Edge
Shirley Ford



Kristi Goldsmith
Kim Hall
Buzzy Hussey
Janet Misner
Joseph Saab
Sehrish Siddiqui


Lisa Snowden
Melissa Taylor
Kate Trammell
Julia Turnipseed
Tiffanee Wade-Henderson

Advisory Board

Margaret Ann Burnett
John Canale
George Cates
William B. Dunavant, III
Bill Ferrell
Pat Funck
Howard Gober


Lyle Irish
Peggy Jones
Anne Keesee
Lon Magness
Bonny Martin
Blair Parker

        Carol Prentiss
Julie Raines
Richard Spore
Joe Warren
Gary Wunderlich, Jr.

In 1964, the Memphis Botanic Garden Foundation was formed and contracted with the City of Memphis to be caretakers of the Memphis Botanic Garden. Presidents of the Foundation have been:

1964-1965       Eva Michie
1966               Evelyn Boyle
1967               Ellie Harwood
1968               John Pierce
1969-1970       Lois Eason
1971-1972       Katheryne Dickey
1973                Betsy West
1974               George Romeiser
1975-1976       Bonny Martin
1977-1978       Mary Gotter
1979-1980       Betty Millar
1981-1982       Eleanor Currie
1983-1984       Bonny Martin
1985-1986       Eleanor Currie
1987               Jeanne Coors
1988               John Canale
1989               Bob Blecken
1990               Dan Copp
1991               Jim Power
1992               Peggy Jones
  1993                John Canale
1994                George Cates
1995-1996       Julie Raines
1997-1998       Anne Keesee
1998-2000       William B. Dunavant, III
2000-2001       Margaret Ann Burnett
2002-2003       Buzzy Hussey
2003-2004       Blair Parker
2004-2005       Gary Wunderlich
2005-2006       Jim Strickland
2006-2007       Lon Magness
2007-2008       Lisa Snowden
2008-2010       Richard Spore
2010-2011       Lyle Irish
2011-2012       Janet Misner
2012-2013       Pat Funck

2013-2014       Bill Ferrell
2014-2015       Howard Gober
2015-2016       Joe Warren
2016-2017       Janet Misner
2018-2019.      Vance Lewis


Executive Directors of the Memphis Botanic Garden have been:

1964-1970      Guy Robbins
1970-1971     Bryson Sloan
1972-1979     Walt Moloney
1980-1993      George Wise
1993-1996     Bert Adler Prosterman (MBG Foundation Director/Interim Exec. Dir.)

  1996-1997      Steve Cohan
1997-2000      Huey Holden
2001-2004      Marilyn Ligon
2004-2014      Jim Duncan
2015-2016      Scott McCormick
2016-              Michael Allen




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Enhancing lives by connecting people with plants to increase awareness and appreciation of our environment.


Central Daylight Time Hours:
9 a.m.-6 p.m.

Central Standard Time (Winter) Hours:
9 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

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Daily Garden Admission

Adults $10.00
Seniors (62 & over) $8.00
Children (2-12) $5.00
Children (under 2) FREE
Members FREE
* Handicapped Accessible

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We are located at:
750 Cherry Road
Memphis, TN 38117
(Between Park & Southern)

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