On display from September 16 thru
December 31, 2017


Representing eight different species, this nationally recognized traveling art exhibit features ten giant wooden bug sculptures towering up to 18 feet tall. Big Bugs will inhabit all 96 acres of the Memphis Botanic Garden.

The sculptures will be placed throughout the Garden in each insect's natural habitat. The exhibit will be open and accesible, allowing guests an opportunity to experience the sculptures from all angles. Unique nighttime lighting and sculpture positioning promises to make this exhibit a truly visual experience.


Where to find them

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Ants: Great Lawn
25’ long x 12’ wide x 10’ high
Weight: 725lbs. 
Willow and Red Cedar
Adopted by: Crews Family Foundation

Damselfly: North inlet of Japanese Lake (view from concrete bridge)
10’ long x 3’ wide x 6’ high
Weight: 100lbs.
Willow and Red Cedar
Adopted by: Ikebana International Memphis Bamboo Chapter #44

Dragonfly: Hosta Garden
17’ long x 17’ wide x 1’ Diameter
Weight: 175 lbs. 
Willow and Red Cedar
Adopted by: The Family of Buzzy Hussey

Grasshopper: West bed of Herb Garden
11’ long x 4.5’ wide x 4’ Diameter
Weight: 200 lbs.
Black Locust and Red Cedar
Adopted by: Adopted by Japanese Traders and Manufacturers Association in honor of the Students of the Japanese Language School Memphis

Daddy Long Legs: Straddling path between My Big Backyard and Four Seasons Fountain
17’ long x 17’ wide x 10’ Diameter
Weight: 600 lbs.
Willow and Red Cedar
Adopted by: Fidelity Investments Germantown

Assassin Bug: Across from Prehistoric Plant Trail
7’ long x 7’ wide x 3’ Diameter
Weight: 200 lbs.
Black Walnut, Red Cedar
Adopted by: The Beussink Family-Steve, Paula, Joe, and Nick

Spider: Between My Big Backyard & The Live Garden (Look Up!)
12’ long x 12’ wide x 3’ high
Weight: 135 lbs.
Red Cedar, Black Walnut, Willow
Adopted by: Memphis Horticultural Society 

Praying Mantis: South of Iris Garden entrance
18’ long x 20’ wide x 20’ high
Weight: 1200 lbs.
Black Locust
Adopted by: Sunstar Insurance Group / Ruthie and Casey Bowlin


Schedule of Events

(Click each event for details.)


16 Big Bugs Opening Day Picnic 
23 Creature Feature – Ants
27 Brown Bag – Beneficial Bugs
28 Members Night
30 Creature Feature – Grasshopper
30 Bug Crawl

7 A Bug’s Life Movie Night
7 Creature Feature – Praying Mantis
9-13 Fall Break Camp – Big Bugs
11 Brown Bag - Inordinate Fondness for Beetles
14 Creature Feature – Dragonfly
21 Creature Feature– Daddy Long Legs
23 Brown Bag - Bugs for Food and Forensics
28 Creature Feature- Spider
28 Flick or Treat - Hocus Pocus

4 Creature Feature – Assassin Bug
8 Brown Bag - Bugs that Attack...Other Bugs!
11 Creature Feature -  Damselfly
17 Campfire Party



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