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We are incredibly grateful for our 2019-2020 donors and members who helped us improvise, adapt, and overcome the challenges we faced this year due to COVID. Learn more about what we are doing to remain open, viable, and growing in our Annual Report.


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Individual Gifts and Sponsorships


$25,000 +


Tom and Anne Marie Kadien
The Thomas W. Briggs Foundation, Inc.
John Tully
The Day Foundation
Goldsmith Family Foundation
International Paper Foundation
First Tennessee Foundation/First Horizon
The Assisi Foundation of Memphis, Inc.
Plough Foundation
Fred and Diane Smith
Janet Misner

$10,000 +

Carol and Bert Barnett

Selby and P.Z. Horton
Indigo Ag, Inc.
Semmes-Murphy Clinic
Speer Charitable Trust
Paul Jones
Thomas and Jeannene Cathey Donor Advised Fund
Julie and Jim Raines
The Estate of Sylvia Marks
Community Foundation of Greater Memphis
The Little Garden Club of Memphis

$5,000 +

Baptist Memorial Healthcare
Kristyn Gresham
Peggy James Jones
The Knapp Foundation, Inc.
Frank Langford
Stacey and Jay Royalty
Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation
Patricia Walker
Bank of America
Kroger, Co.
Lucy Carrington Jones
Catherine and Jim Lewis


Diane and Walter Chambliss
Renee and Phillip Cook
Foy and Bill Coolidge
Crews Family Foundation
Orion Federal Credit Union
Bill and Linda Robertson
Steve and Debby Schadt
Lucy Turnbull
Wells Fargo Foundation
Matthew Bailey
Steven and Paula Beussink
Memphis Garden Club
Henry and Snow Morgan
Ragan and Lon Magness
Anne Goff
Mindy and Blair Parker

$1,500 +

Christa and Michael Allen
Ruthie and Casey Bowlin
Aarti and Mark Bowman
Cary Chiungos
Sondra and Bill Fondren
Myron and Dianne Mall
Oak Hall
Vineyard Vines
Joseph Bryan
George and Bena Cates
Memorial Park Funeral Home
Yuletide Office Solutions

$1,000 +

Ashley and Scott Adams
Kathy and Ben Adams
Gay Boyd
The Canale Foundation
Fidelity Investments
Natalie Hollaway
IMC Companies Japanese Traders & Manufacturers
Rose Johnston
Junior League Garden Club
James Keegan
Legacy Wealth Management
Tom and Jenne Williams
Lipscomb & Pitts Insurance
Robert Loeb
Phoebe Miller
Mary Minor
Alice and Reed Nishiwaki
Kevin Rea
Anne Roane
The Sims Family Charitable Trust
Joe and Barbara Warren
Susannah and Woodson Whitehead
Mary Helen and Mark Butler

$500 +

Anonymous Donors
Elizabeth and Joel Brown
Joseph and Carole Carson
Gene and Anne Combest
Laurie and Doug Daniel
Kathryn and Jon Deshpande
Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP
East Memphis Athletic Club
Jimmy Humphreys
Elizabeth and Jerry Marshall
Jason and Heather Marshall
MidSouth OBGYN
H. Ellis and Virginia Misner
Jean Norfleet
Mott and Mary Call Ford
Bass Pro Shops

Diane Parker
Pediatric Dental Group and Orthodontics
ProActive Heart and Vein Center
Mary and Clinton Saxton
Mary and Ryan Schell
The Little Gym
Titan Manufacturing and Distributing
Triumph Bank
Traci and Ed Vining
Rosa Wooddy
Barbara and Jennifer Hanemann
Judith and Bruce Campbell
John Pierce
Tom Shelton
Town and County Garden Club


  • In Honor of Amber Chittick by Jane Chittick
  • In Honor of Bob Renshaw by Landon Jurgens
  • In Honor of Brent Norman by Red Acres Garden Club
  • In Honor of Buzzy Hussey and Hal Brunt by Janet Misner
  • In Honor of Dr. and Mrs. James Goldschmid, Diane Rudner, and Anna Harris & Roy Smith by Pamela and Michael Harris
  • In Honor of Ella Newton Dacus and Jackson Williams Combest by Gene and Anne Combest
  • In Honor of Gay Johnston by Ed and Camille Lemaster
  • In Honor of Georgina and Austin’s Wedding by Philji Johns
  • In Honor of Ginny and Ellis Misner by Janet Misner
  • In Honor of Howard Misner by Janet Misner and H. Ellis and Virginia Misner
  • In Honor of Heather Marshall by Jason Marshall
  • In Honor of Helen and Wayne Brafford and Jay Royalty by Janet Misner
  • In Honor of Janet Misner by  Courtney and Robert Frazee, Olivia Laycook, and H. Ellis and Virginia Misner
  • In Honor of Lynn Escapite by H. Ellis and Virginia Misner
  • In Honor of Jessica Taveau by Jane Chittick
  • In Honor of JJ Keras by  Red Acres Garden Club
  • In Honor of Julie Raines by Gaylee Glankler
  • In Honor of Karen and Alex Wellford, Barbara and Roy Keathley, and Katie and Ed Eleazer by Vance and Willis Willey
  • In Honor of Katherine Dobbs by Libby Daughdrill
  • In Honor of Mary Helen Butler by Barbara and Roy Keathley
  • In Honor of Mary Lou Thesmar by Tracey Thesmar
  • In Honor of Mary Minor by John Wepfer
  • In Honor of Mavs Zuckerman by Erica Zuckerman
  • In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cannon by Ginger Austin
  • In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. Peterson by Mark Kaufki
  • In Honor of Nancy Blankenship by Mary Black
  • In Honor of Rick Pudwell by Red Acres Garden Club and Suburban Garden Club of Germantown
  • In Honor of Ruth Hoglan by  Laura Hoglan
  • In Honor of Sandy Friedlander by Rachel and Heather Martin
  • In Honor of Susie Askew by Suburban Garden Club of Germantown
  • In Honor of Tommie Dunavant by Michelle and Bill Dunavant
  • In Honor of Town and Country Garden Club Members by Town and Country Garden Club


  • In Memory of Suzanne Carol Randolph Miller and Peggy Davis Hall by Janet Misner
  • In Memory of Anita Angelacci by Anita Angelacci-Bougher, Linda Soresi, and Frank Angela
  • In Memory of Agnes (Aggie) Turley by Little Garden Club of Memphis and Valerie and Julie Thompson
  • In Memory of Albert Burson by Sharyn Burson
  • In Memory of Ann Elliot by Susan and Frank Inman
  • In Memory of Bickie McDonnell by Michael McDonnell, Irene and Ron Ayotte, Sondra and Bill Fondren, Janet Misner, Kay Rawlings, Mrs. Ehrlicher, Children's Foundation of Memphis, Lucia Gilliland, Graham and Lynn Fulton, Janet Misner, Ragan and Lon Magness, Margaret and Owen Tabor, June and Punk Davidson, Peggy Seessel, Peggy James Jones
  • In Memory of Bickie McDonnell by Michael McDonnell
  • In Memory of Bob Entzminger by Kyle and Charlotte Zehring
  • In Memory of Florence Leffler by Ruthie and Edward Taylor
  • In Memory of Graham Stewart, Bobby Smithwick, Olga Galfsky, and Lee Rantzow by Gay Boyd
  • In Memory of Greg Davis by Richard and Freida Pearson, Dianne and Larry Papasan, and Andrew Mall
  • In Memory of Harvey Ferrell by Kay and Paul Little and Janet Misner
  • In Memory Helen Putnam by Bob and Maggie Naylor
  • In Memory of Helen Ruth Davison by Lisa Groff
  • In Memory of Jo Castleman by Pam Castlemun
  • In Memory of Lois Estes Ruleman by Valerie and Julie Thompson
  • In Memory of Lucia Gilliland by Jim and Elizabeth Duncan
  • In Memory of Lucy Turnbull by Lucia Gilliland, Billie Anne Williams, Jenks McCrory, and Peggy Seessel
  • In Memory of Marie Murff Duncan by Buzzy and Hal Hussey and Gay Daughdrill Boyd
  • In Memory of Nick Vergos by Gay Daughdrill Boyd
  • In Memory of Nan C. Morris by Jessie Hipolit, Kristi Thurmon, Barbara Quivey, and Beverly Cooper
  • In Memory of Patty Worley by Carrie and Joe Patterson
  • In Memory of Rebecca Klyce by Kyle and Charlotte Zehring
  • In Memory of Rev. Charles B. Hoglan by Laura Hoglan
  • In Memory of Robert Smithwick by Musette and Allen Morgan, Kathleen Hussey, Lucia Gilliland, Margaret and Sam Graham, Susie and B. Lee Mallory, Lisa and Louis Jehl, Charles and Susan Schadt,Pamela Mori, John and Courtney Murrah, Ruthie and Edward Taylor, Suzette T. Coors, Ann Kirk Bugbee, Nora and Wally Witmer, Kate Boone, and Janet and William Huette
  • In Memory of Rosemary Breithaupt by Janet Misner
  • In Memory of Susan Tucker Kuhnel by John and Judith Freeman
  • In Memory of Sylvia Allen by Jim and Elizabeth Duncan
  • In Memory or Mr and Mrs Paul J. Miller by Chris and Rick Miller
  • In Memory of Helen Putnam by Altered Art Book Coalition
  • In Memory of Mrs. Nicholas Gotten by Meredith Pritchartt
  • In Memory of r James B New by Ruthie and Edward Taylor
  • In Memory of Mary Lou Adams by Janet Misner

Upper-Level Memberships


Lifetime Members

Ann Blecken
Mr. and Mrs. R.D. Born
Beth and Steve Brown
Elizabeth and Jim Duncan
Amy Ginsburg
Kristi and Larry Goldsmith
Goldsmith Family Foundation
Sissie and Walton Griffin
Dr. Howard Misner
Jennifer and Roy Smith


Contributing Members ($1,000)


Jenne and Tom Williams
Susan and John Dobbs
Graham and Lynn Fulton
Aggie and Hubert Turley
Johnny Stinson
Margie and Jimmy Lackie

Julie and Donovan Smith
Lucia Gilliland
Graham and Lynn Fulton
Tricia and Jack Seubert
John Canale
Karen Baetzel


Supporting Members ($500)

Norma Owen
Dianne and Larry Papasan
Michelle and Bill Dunavant
Margaret Ann Burnett
Mydelle Wilson
Mary and Clinton Saxton
Sue and Brian Carney
Elaine and Aubrey Spear
Susan and Judson Te Paske


Larry Bomar
Alison and Lee Price
Frank Langford
Rick Pudwell
Dianne and Larry Papasan
John Pierce
Phillip Shackelford
Marianne Parrs
Mark Swanson



Garden Plus Members ($250)


Kevin Chovanec
Kathy and Albert Carruthers
Ed and Camille LeMaster
Cary and Keith Brown
Jill and Simon Wadsworth
Ed Koshland
Sara Palmer
Martha and Bob Hester
Ginger and Dabney Collier
Bobby and Eva Mae Hussey
Mrs Taylor Taylor
Linda and Frank Smith
Carol and Gene Mangiante
Julie Wilson
Kendall and Jason Maykowski
Roma and Barlow Mann
Debi and Galen Havner
Marisa and Paul Hess
Leigh Ann Kutil
Connie and Lou Adams
Natalie and J. Davant Latham
Ariel Guthery
Martha and Jerrold Graber
Judith and Bruce Campbell
Leonard and Amanda Hopkins


Sally and William Askew
Nancy and Rodgers Menzies
Pamela and Steve Guinn
Sara and Patrick Burnett
Clarice and Clair Cox
Jane Rebholz
Jeff and Dawn Thompson
Steven Carman
Beverly and Kenneth Sakauye
Peggy Veeser
Edie Marshall
Julia and Van Manning
Laurie Christensen
Carol and Bert Barnett
Linda Wible
Linda Milbradt
Heather and Henry Grosvenor
Dee and Ralph Muller
Dianne Goss
Diane and Walter Chambliss
Nancy and Steve Morrow
Natalie and J. Davant Latham



Family Plus Members ($150)

Kay and Paul Little
Sharon Taylor
Maribeth Lucas
Kym and Justin Alexander
Ann Fain
Jo and John Walt
David and Constance Faasse
Mervyn Israel
Chris Otey
Rosemary Dixon
Annette Wheless
Rita Allen
Jennifer Walen
Aliana Carpenetti
Chris and Reid Sanders
Paul and Jennifer Nolte
Kerry Serne
Gina Raymond
Krista Hughes
Shirley Collier
Carrie Dobbins
Angela Hobbs
Evan Hewer
John and Wanda Barzizza
Barbara and Ian Edward
Elizabeth Lejman
Brad Sinclair
Karen Parker
Ken and Lynda Younger
William Gilbert
Elizabeth Grashot
Kendra and Jim Martin
Susan Schmidt
Elaine and John Cathcart
Chris and Lois Canale
Elizabeth and Alfred Cowles Jr
Freeman and Rachel Peterman
Amanda Banker
Mimsy Jones
Mary Katherine and Elmer Stout
Judy and Mark Weatherly
Corinne Adrian
Carol Ciscel
Lain Whitaker
Dr. and Mrs. Calandruccio Calandruccio
Bliss and Jan Hicky
Beth and Richard Buchignani
Janet Geyer
Heather and Ken Balkunas
John and Lesley Hartney



Christy Young
Van and Kristin Thompson
Catherine Wiener
Regina and Walter Cygan
Mark Van Stolk
Vance and John Lewis
Marty Pettigrew
Janie and Charles McCrary
Emily Haizlip
Edward and Cheryl Lockhart
Nancy and Tom Bell
Carol and Paul Calame
Rev. and Mrs. Pipes Pipes
George Albert and Nancy Cook
Craig and Karen Marshall
Michael Moore
Clayton Winn, III
Gary Huchko
Shereen Bienz
Ginny Gafford
James and Susan Ball
Kasia Trebska-Mcgowan
Mary and John Pellicciotti
Alicia Baker
Pat and Doyal Brown
Nancy Partee
Jerry Hicks
Leesa and Kathryne Jensen
Lily Picard
Dr. and Mrs. Brantley
Yvette and Raymond Arnold
Sharon and Katie Hinton
Vicky and Joe Rimstidt
Rev. and Mrs. Pipes Pipes
Brenda Belus
Robert and Leslie Schreiber
Anna and Victoria Terry
Daniel and Kayla Walters
Peggy and L. R. Jalenak
Matthew Garcia
Suzanne and Mark Stanford
Laura and William Murphy
Ashley and Scott Adams
Rachelle and Daniel Barham
Paul Maxwell
Cynthia Bottenfield
Amy and Jon Hart
Lara and Adam Firrone




































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